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Our guiding philosophy

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Awareness starts at home. Each employee has a network reach and influence they probably don't recognise.

We help you tap into that unrealised potential. We do this by providing you visibility and mechanisms to encourage your staff to properly engage with your business online.

How It Works

TeamRadar monitors posts made by your business online, then amplifies the visibility by automatically notifying your team. Your team could consist of staff members, club members, friends, family or brand advocates. Anyone that you have permission to contact, really!

We encourage your team to engage with new posts through reposting, commenting and reacting. This greatly increases the amount of people who see your content.

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Notify your team when new posts are made to your social media pages

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Set goals for your team

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incentivize engagement

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reminders about page updates on multiple channels

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Why is this important?

Many businesses struggle to get traction and visibility in highly competitive social media platforms. Establishing a following isn't easy.

The employees you hire come with their own social and professional network. We help foster an environment where your contacts become team mates and help you build your company profile using their own networks.

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

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Our platform improves employee engagement with your business online.

Customer report an increase in brand awareness after using TeamRadar.


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USD per month

(up to 100 users)

Yes, you read that right...

Marketing can be expensive, and we aren’t here to increase that burden. Our aim is to provide you with cost effective value to strengthen your brand.

Larger team? No Problems!

For $50USD/month, we offer up to 1000 users.

For teams above 1000 users, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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TeamRadar is currently delivering improved online engagement for our program participants.

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